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Get $2600 of workshops for one low monthly fee!

Get $2600 of workshops for one low monthly fee!

Our monthly subscription plan lets you enjoy all our most popular writing courses for one incredibly low subscription price. You'll be able to explore nearly 300 lectures at your own pace, dipping into a variety of genres from mysteries to young adult fiction to autobiographies, and a variety of mediums from novels to screenplays.

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Beginning Writer's Workshop
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Writing Science Fiction and Fantasty
Mystery Writing Workshop
Creative Writing Projects
Writing for Children

Non-Fiction Writing Courses

Non-Fiction Writing Workshop
Write Your Life Story

Screenwriting Courses

Screenwriting Workshop
Adapting Novel to Screenplay

Publishing Courses

Publish Your Book Now

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Your Instructors

Steve is the author of many novels and non-fiction books. His publications include mysteries, young adult novels, a romance novel, children's books, history and non-fiction about theme park design, and the writer's guide How to Fix Your Novel.

Steve is also the CEO of Alcorn McBride Inc, the company that provides the audio and video systems used in nearly all of the world's theme parks. In his spare time he enjoys world travel, sculpture and music composition.

During the past decade he has helped more than 30,000 aspiring authors structure their novels. Many of his students are now published authors.

Dani is a Chicago-based screenwriter and communication designer. She is the author of the Young Adult novel The Last Telepath, and three screenplays:

  • A Quintessence of Dust, a science fiction riff on what would happen if Hamlet met Bladerunner
  • How to Catch an Englishman, a romantic comedy about moving overseas in search of an eligible bachelor
  • Do No Harm, a drama that explores the ethical choices facing a heart surgeon when her personal and professional lives collide

Dani graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northwestern University, where she majored in Psychology and Radio, Television, & Film.

Our Author’s Success Bundle is your key to a lucrative writing career. It provides a complete map for your journey to becoming a professional author.

And once you complete each course in the bundle, you’ve earned a free subscription, with lifetime access to all courses at no cost!

Beginning Writer's Workshop

Your journey starts with the basics of three-act story structure in Beginning Writers Workshop. You’ll develop a firm grasp of the foundations of good story-telling, including viewpoint and tense.

Next, you’ll develop your own story idea in Novel Writing Workshop.

You’ll create character sketches of your Protagonist and Antagonist, to make them feel like real, three-dimensional people.

You’ll also apply nine story-structure checkpoints to smoothly propel your novel from page one through it’s climax and resolution.

Novel Writing Workshop Logo

Once you’ve mastered story structure, you’ll dive deeper into different genres, learning specific techniques to create successful genre fiction and ways to make your manuscripts highly marketable.

Young Adult Fiction Workshop Logo

Young adult fiction is one of the best-selling genres today, for both adolescent and adult readers.

Young Adult Fiction Writing Workshop reinforces the fundamental structuring techniques and explores the crucial topic of capturing teenage voices.

You’ll get inspiration from in-depth analysis of some of the best-selling young adult fiction on the market that will help you craft a YA bestseller.

If your story takes place in a futuristic or fantasy world, Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy guides you through the world-building you’ll need to include to make your settings vivid and memorable.

You’ll also discover pitfalls to avoid when dealing with slippery subjects like time travel and magic.

Science fiction and fantasy, in all forms (books,TV shows, and feature films), is a wildly popular genre. You’ll learn how to become a competitive and successful author of science fiction and fantasy.

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy Logo
Mystery Writing Workshop

Mystery readers are smart and dedicated. Mystery series often have dozens of volumes!

In Mystery Writing Workshop, you'll learn how to plot a compelling whodunit and create complex and interesting detectives that will keep your readers coming back book after book.

Writing for Children will give you the tools you need to keep young readers engaged and entertained, all the way from picture storybooks to middle-grade readers.

You can use the insights gained in this course to give your children or grandchildren fond memories of story time or publish your work for generations of children to enjoy.

Writing For Children Logo
Creative Writing Projects Logo

And if you ever find yourself chronically procrastinating, you can jumpstart your daily writing habit by following along with Creative Writing Projects, which steps you through planning a novel, week by week

You’ll also get access to all our Non-Fiction writing courses. Non-fiction books and articles are in high demand, and can be the foundation of a lucrative writing career.

Non-fiction Writing Workshop Logo

Non-Fiction Writing Workshop will show you how to write non-fiction that keeps readers hooked, whether your passion is history, science, technology, politics, or balloon animals.

You’ll also learn to craft compelling how to, self-help, and inspirational books.

Non-fiction is easier to market and sell. You’ll learn strategies and techniques to help make your book a bestseller.

You’ll also see how lucrative marketing shorter projects to magazines and other publications can be.

One of the greatest gifts you can give family and friends is your history and your experiences.

After taking Write Your Life Story you’ll have a memoir to share or publish that’s worth displaying in a place of honor.

Writing Your Life Story Logo

Fiction and non-fiction writing are two great ways to earn a living as an author, but there’s also great demands for original screenplays. And successful authors can make even more by turning their novels into screenplays. When opportunity comes knocking, or when you’re ready to knock on producer’s doors, you’ll be prepared to produce a professional quality screenplay that meets industry standards.

Screenwriting Workshop Logo

Some ideas are simply born for the silver screen because they’re so visual.

In screenplays and movies, you can’t really get inside a character’s head to experience their thoughts and emotions. You’ll learn techniques for externalizing these in Screenwriting Workshop.

Most importantly, you’ll learn the specific formatting professionals use in Hollywood to write their screenplays.

When your script lands on a producer’s desk, they’ll see you’re a pro.

Having a novel and a screenplay gives you twice the marketing opportunities. Adapting Novel to Screenplay walks you through the adaptation process, step-by-step, to make the same story work in two very different mediums.

Adapting Novel to Screenplay Logo

All these courses lead you to the grand finale: Publishing!

Publish Your Book Now Logo

At the end of your journey, your work is polished to a shine. It’s time to get it into the hands of your readers. You’ll walk through the publishing process, step-by-step, in Publish Your Book Now! and finally, you’ll be able to change your shingle from “Writer” to “Published Author.”

These classes give you the tools you’ll need to write, polish, and publish your novel or screenplay. And every lesson offers a discussion area where you can ask questions and receive feedback.

And when you've earned your certificate of completion for every course, your subscription becomes free. You’ll have lifetime access to all the courses!

The Author’s Success Bundle is an investment in your future as a professional author. Enroll now!

Where Writers Become Authors

Steve Alcorn and Dani Alcorn have helped more than 30,000 aspiring writers learn how to structure novels, and many of them are now in print. You can be next! We'll show you how to turn your idea into a novel or screenplay, and even show you how to get published.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should subscribe?
Anyone with a passion for writing! Whether your interest is in novels, short stories, biography, autobiography or screenplays, these classes offer a rich trove of writing skills to help you succeed. We'll show you how to finish those projects you've dreamed of, and get them published. And, frankly, this subscription is too good a deal to pass up. It gives you unlimited access to more than $2300 worth of writing courses, along with the discussion areas that turn them into creative playgrounds. Subscribe now!
What courses are included in the bundle?
The bundle includes unlimited access to: Beginning Writer's Workshop Novel Writing Workshop Young Adult Fiction Writing Workshop Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing for Children Creative Writing Projects Write Your Life Story Screenwriting Workshop Adapting Novel to Screenplay Publish Your Book Now! That's over $2300 in courses!
How long does the subscription last?
The subscription automatically renews each month, for as long as you wish. You may cancel at any time.
When do I get access to the courses?
The instant you subscribe! And they're all completely self-paced online classes - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the courses?
After purchase, you have unlimited access to the courses for as long as you subscribe - across any and all devices you own. Once you earn a certificate of completion for every course in the bundle, your subscription becomes free. You'll have lifetime access to the courses.
What if I am unhappy with the subscription?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

More than 30,000 students have taken our courses, and rated them an average of 5 out of 5 stars. A few of our favorite student reviews:


"If you have an idea for a book, but just can't get it together, this is the class for you. Steve Alcorn gives you the tools and the confidence to pull your ideas together and give them structure. Before you know it, you are inspired and writing. What a class! Steve Alcorn is a gifted instructor."

"It was nice to have an instructor who wasn't afraid to have fun right along with the students. For me, it created a relaxed environment where even the smallest question never felt out of place or foolish."

"I've told people that this class was life-changing when it comes to my ability to structure and complete a work of fiction. I always became blocked and wondered how people knew where their story was going next and how to make sure they were headed in the right direction. This answered all my questions and forced me to get to work on my idea. All around fantastic - worth every penny!"

"Can you see me? I'm giving you a standing ovation! Haven't done this much thinking, rethinking, breaking pencils, and eventually cheering since I graduated from college. Thank you for an inspiring and brilliant class!"

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